Rescue at Rivenroar : 1
A harsh start.

On a long journey, three strangers find themselves within a town set siege to.

During a brawl inside of a tavern each stranger finds themselves requiring the aid of each other to stay alive and defeat their opponents.

Banding together, with the help of a friendly and powerful wizard, they drive the remaining goblin forces from the town and help put out the blazes started by an ogre.

The councilmen of Brindol offer treasures to their saviors for the rescue of six villagers kidnapped during the raid.

Together they set out towards the Castle Rivenroar, hot in pursuit of the goblin war band.

Failing to master the art of woodland travel, the adventures happen upon a very disgruntled bear.

Once inside the crypts of the castle, the party learns some valuable lessons.

  • The flame sphere is the most important member of the party.
  • Don’t yell at the scout while he is stealthy moving about.
  • Old women can’t run very fast

They rescued the town crone and pilfered some mighty magic items.


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